Terrorist Recipe

In the late 1990s and early 2000s (when this song was written), mass shootings and other terrorist attacks were a prominent concern. The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights investigates this and found that a significantly large percentage of these incidents were perpetrated by individuals who were under the influence of psychotropic drugs. To one who is educated on the harmful effects of these drugs that should come as no surprise. But most people don’t read the drug labels and only hear the embellishments in the ads. And perfectly sane people have been brought to a state of insanity with these drugs because they were misinformed. It can be a hard truth to open one’s eyes to, if these drugs are the only supposed solution one knows of. But psychiatric medication can actually derange a person into a suicide victim, a terrorist, or something worse.

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How can we be at the dawn of the 21st century with technology hurtling us into a space-age future and yet continue to find ourselves without a solution to the escalating number of acts of random, senseless violence? Unfortunately, we have been fed all manner of wrong reasons for why these tragedies have taken place and so they continue. It is not guns that are the common denominator to these horrific events. Some occur with knives, axes, and even automobiles
Nor is it clothing, age, gender, or political orientation. The fact missed by most is that psychiatric mind-altering drugs have been found to be the common factor in an overwhelming number of these acts of random senseless violence. These drugs, on an ever-increasing rise in society and amongst school children, are actually creating acts of violence. In 1997, sales of psychotropic drugs topped 1.5 billion dollars, double the figure of two years earlier. In short, the rise in senseless violence in America is date coincident with the increased use of psychiatric mind-altering drugs.

In my skin, again
I want out
They all say, “it’s okay“
And I shout, “stay away from me“
I’m so sore
But I want more
And I’m ready to go to war

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