TLDR; Go to Apple Music (or the Music app on your Apple device) and be sure you are searching the iTunes Store, not Apple Music for: Waking Patriots

Note: Also be sure you see prices, else you are probably not looking in the iTunes Store.

More on iTunes

(or Moron iTunes)

Believe it or not, Apple stopped supporting iTunes artist links, meaning no links to artists (including their albums, songs, etc.) in iTunes. Instead, they want everyone to go to Apple Music and stream songs for a monthly subscription rather than download and own your own music libraries. This includes any links made which originally did go to the artist’s iTunes Store page. Hence I can no longer provide a convenient link to my iTunes page, I can only describe how you can find me there yourself. It’s not terribly difficult, but I apologize for having to leave you with the inconvenience.

While streaming my music does help me rank higher in services such as Apple Music, gain more streams and eventually make some profits when the numbers get high enough, I hope you still prefer to buy, rather than rent. The trend of owning less and borrowing more is a path away from freedom. That is to say; he who owns nothing, controls nothing. We’ve seen a lot of corporations, moving in this direction because it gives them the control. They can raise the subscription price for instance.

You get the idea. I’ll stop ranting now.

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