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As mankind is deliberately kept in the dark by the media to avert his eyes from the culprits attempting to drive him into the mud, education of the true current situation and such things at history, defense, food production and other aspects of our future survival are becoming increasingly important. It is an honor to be able to deliver that message and such resources through my music, my podcast, my blog and select social media platforms. And because I do not charge for my content (other than my music, which is not likely to gain support from any major record labels in its controversial nature), that deliverance is thanks to contributors like you. Your generous donations* are the most significant support I have to help this movement of increased awareness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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I will be on the lookout for a profitable print-on-demand service and plan to have t-shirts, stickers and other artist merchandise available for purchase again soon. Please stay tuned.

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I’m always on the lookout for artists I can collaborate with, whether you want to remix my work or you want me to remix your work. Hit me up! Let’s make some music!

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If you’re a musician, don’t seek to get signed. Be independent. Some things have made it harder for an artist to make a living with their music, but being independent is more possible today than ever. Take advantage of it. I recommend CD Baby. Try to get fans to buy your songs—not just listen to them, but actually own them.

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