Rabbit Hole

When Alice’s curiosity took her down the rabbit hole, she found that the world was much stranger than she would’ve ever imagined. That was fiction, but in reality, there is a little-known trail of dark truths that gets stranger and more disturbing as you follow it. Worse yet, it is also plagued with added false information, making it a frightening nightmare to navigate. This path, named after that deep hole Alice slipped into, is made up of the most unbelievable and horrifying things you will have ever learned. That is part of the reason most miss it, even when it sits there, right in front of them. To see it at all requires a high confront of evil. To travel it requires courage and unrelenting hope. To continue living a sane life after deep exposure to it requires responsibility and persistence. Because once you know, you can’t un-know.

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If you never try to find the truth, you know
Everything is what you’re told

But if you choose to take a look and try it
You’ll find something is wrong and you can’t deny it

Why do we fight so much?
Why do we pay so much to the Feds?
Why are we losing our heads?

Why do we fear so much?
Because we here so much on the news
It’s just one of the tools that they use

What is this?
Was that a clue?
Maybe I should dig deeper
And find out what I need to do

To take a stand
And to demand
An answer to this riddle
But why do I feel so little?

If you never try to find the truth, you know
Or you think so
Everything is backward though

If you ask the right questions
Those involved are sworn to lie and deny
Give an easy story to buy
And never really answer why

Why are the taxes we pay never enough for anything?
Except for going to war and fracking

What will I learn
If I start to discern
All of the evidence
Could it be we’re all in a state of ignorance

Why can’t we cure cancer?
They will never answer
The thing is we can
But cures are a poor income plan

Why do we not know this?
How can we not notice
they’re keeping us ill?
To do with us what they will

What is this?
Another clue?
I can’t avoid the music anymore
It’s getting so obvious that I have to know more

The corroboration and
The testimony demand that
There is no sense in the pretense
That we are free from the control of a few madmen, but then again
If we wake and disobey them, what then?

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