Scare Tactic


As for its style, Scare Tactic was inspired by Skinny Puppy’s remix album Dys Temper, and particularly for the vocals, Mark Walks remix of Dig It. Cheap “80s MIDI” sounds were used in this track as experimentation to express derangement.

Meaning & Purpose

Scare Tactic was written shortly after the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, and the federal response known as the Patriot Act (also USA Patriot Act). Considering the nature of events at the time it was voted on by Congress, many believe that this “response” was no more than a strategy to give the federal government more power and control over the people and to get around constitutional rights at their discretion. Incidentally, the bill does do just that, so such a conclusion is well warranted.

Track 13 on:


Pass more laws, build more prisons, nullify the rights that make up the constitution.

Use 9/11 as a scare tactic to search homes without a warrant for a suspicion.


Traumatize in the name of a foreign country.
Threaten in the name of help.
Extort in the name of needing support.
Steal privacy in the name of security.
Enslave in the name of nothing.

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