White Plastiq: Alloy

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This sixteen track debut album aims to set an industrial, movie-scene, synthetic-body atmosphere. A couple of these songs featuring computerized vocals however, The List and Scare Tactic, also carry with them their own messages and hope to bring attention to the ill intentions of psychiatry and the use of fear by government officials to control the people, respectively. With the exception of those two tracks, Alloy is entirely instrumental.

The Recording Process

All of the songs on Alloy were carefully plotted out by computer using Melody Assistant, a not-so-well-known program designed for writing and printing musical score sheets. As Melody Assistant was not meant for professional recordings by any stretch, it can be a tedious process to introduce custom audio samples into a song with it. Additionally, the included sound library is limited and slightly old fashioned (think 80s/90s). Still, Alloy features recordings of experimental noises to escape the norm of ever so commonly used instrumental samples and plays with some of the more unusual sounds in Melody Assistant’s library, as well as its effects, in an effort to present something new.

Live Performances

Many of the songs on Alloy are performed live with visual entertainment. In an effort to keep these songs sounding similar to (or the same as) their official studio recordings, some of them are simply played back through amplified speakers while an inturpretive skit or dance is performed. The songs for which a skit has not yet been developed however are played back with the drum track omitted and supplanted with the live playing of an actual drum kit. That is at this point in White Plastiq’s lifespan (with Alloy being the latest and only release) the staple of how these songs are performed. This is partially due to a lack of band members (which may or may not change), but also because drums are really the only instrument that are consistently heard within all of White Plastiq’s songs.


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