Population Control

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As for the music, the audio track, I will let it speak for itself. I will however, share a few things about the music video. Later, I will also add more text on the subject of population control to this page.

The music video for this track aims mostly to portray the unreal feeling you get when you wake up and realize just how much life is like a sci-fi novel or comic book. It goes on with impressions of a toxic environment, as we find ourselves in now, estimated to slowly destroy mankind and possibly all life on Earth. But stay until the end, and you will see there is a way out. There are ways to survive this disaster, if we return back to nature. I’ve ended it with a final message, which I hope people will read and take away with them. I think it is crucial in these times.

Please look for me by name on your favorite listening platform and watch my music video (provided you are comfortable with the warning at the beginning).

Thank you!

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