Mini Cupcake

This is a fun song and I had an idea for it, so I started playing around. To me, Mini Cupcake represents the sound of a utopian world, where people can spend their time doing things that are cute… yeah. Truthfully, I love cute. I love fun and colors! And with the current state of things, you can decide if you want to immerse yourself in that and ignore reality (until it slaps you in the face) or confront what’s going on and do a few things about it. But The Volt Per Octaves inspired me with Mini Cupcake. After all, we need things to aspire toward. Like a fun utopia where this type of music is actually fitting. Besides, this is good for kids. As harsh as reality is, kids generally shouldn’t be subjected to the terrors wreaked by the worlds most evil entities, even as such perpetrator’s actions are directly and indirectly impacting their upbringing. Such exposure could simply smother all hope for a worthy future.

So maybe let those kids have a mini cupcake once in a while… the organic kind without Monsanto ingredients.

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