History by Victory

Cover art for the History by Victory album. A man on the ground with his mouth taped shut and a military boot stepping on his head.

I was going to put out a single. But then it became a double (is that a thing? idk). Then I got yet another song idea, and also wanted to update one of my fairly recent singles. So it sort of became an album. And it’s essentially about the propaganda known as history.

Oh, the lies we have been told, and that are continually beaten into us, to ensure we never even think to question them or their validity. Yes, it is in our academic history books, where you would think we have uncovered all that there is to know about the most important events. After all, there no longer remains anyone who would continue to cover up what really happened. Right? And even if there were, bygones are bygones and it would no longer affect the world of today as we run things differently now. Right? So no one would continue to hide the past. Right? …

I will just say, the last song on this album is a re-release of We Thought the War Was Over, and that is very fitting.

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