What’s in a Vaccine?

If you really knew what is in infant vaccinations, instead of being surprised that some children can’t tolerate it, you’d be amazed that any survive it. It’s not thanks to industry though. We’re a pretty tough species but if you come at us with enough toxic crap, we break.

  • 17,500 mcg 2-phenoxyethanol (Bug Repellant, some brands of Antifreeze)
  • 5,700 mcg aluminum (a known neurotoxin)
  • Unknown amounts of fetal bovine serum (fetal calf’s blood)
  • 801.6 mcg formaldehyde (carcinogen, embalming agent)
  • 23,250 mcg gelatin (animal bones)
  • 500 mcg human albumin (human blood)
  • 760 mcg of monosodium L-glutamate (causes obesity & diabetes)
  • Unknown amounts of MRC-5 cells (aborted human fetal cell line)
  • Over 10 mcg neomycin (antibiotic)
  • Over 0.075 mcg polymyxin B (antibiotic)
  • Over 560 mcg polysorbate 80 (carcinogen, damages BBB)
  • 116 mcg potassium chloride (used in lethal injection to shut down the heart and stop breathing)
  • 188 mcg potassium phosphate (liquid fertilizer agent)
  • 260 mcg sodium bicarbonate (baking soda– are they baking cake?)
  • 70 mcg sodium borate (borax– a pesticide)
  • 54,100 mcg of sodium chloride (table salt)
  • Unknown amounts of sodium citrate (food additive)
  • Unknown amounts of sodium hydroxide (corrosive)
  • 2,800 mcg sodium phosphate (toxic to any organism)
  • Unknown amounts of sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate (toxic to any organism)
  • 32,000 mcg sorbitol (never proven safe for injection)
  • 0.6 mcg streptomycin (antibiotic)
  • Over 40,000 mcg sucrose (sugar– more cake!)
  • 35,000 mcg yeast protein (fungus)
  • 5,000 mcg urea (metabolic waste in human urine)
  • Other chemical residuals, toxic metals (mercury) and allergenic proteins such as soy, gluten and casein.

But this didn’t come to a patient from a doctor or a handout. It came from the book, What The Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Vaccines By Dr. Todd M. Elsner. Maybe they don’t disclose this information (easily at least), because they’re afraid no one in their right mind would agree to a vaccine, knowing it contains ingredients such as these. You think? Oh! I know. How about we force them to be transparent about it and tell us what they’re putting in our bodies?! That’s fair, right?

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