Gun Control by Whom?

Some time ago I wrote a post sharing a petition on gun control, which I thought was a great solution. It basically entailed that we should not allow retailers to sell guns to the mentally ill or those who have a criminal record. I sure as hell wouldn’t sell a gun to anyone in either of those categories! It made a lot of sense to me.

So I posted it here and on Facebook as well. I felt I had a lot of contacts who would agree with me, would sign the petition, and would share or at least Like my post. Well, I checked back in about a month and I was kind of shocked. No Likes. I wasn’t butt hurt by it or anything, but this seemed odd to me. I usually get some Likes. I thought about this for a moment and I took the post down.

Why? I realized I had been duped. Yes, we don’t want mentally ill or criminally insane people to have guns. But who’s deciding who is mentally ill? And who is passing the laws which place one’s behavioral history on a criminal record?

The media can be leveraged to vilify just about anyone. Then it’s just a matter of getting the citizens to accept legislation against such “villans.”

Petitions like this only serve the purpose of giving the “Elite” more power to say, “Busted! Now we own you and you are one less barrier to our agenda.”

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