The Decentralized Alternative to 5G

You may know that depending on your location, you can have a 5G antenna or even an entire cell tower installed on your estate, and that in exchange for the use of your property, the cellular carriers using that antenna will pay out a regular service fee to you. Well if you didn’t know, now you do. But what does that mean? What is immediately obvious is that you can make money with 5G without any work, you just need some eligible property you can place an antenna or tower on. Sounds great, right? But what if you are informed, you know the deadly harms of 5G technology, and you would never support it? (Thank you! Mankind and Mother Nature also thank you!) What else does it mean that anyone who’s eligible can install a 5G antenna on their property? It means there could be someone in your neighborhood supporting the 5G network and sending those harmful frequencies right into your home, right now. While such neighbors are supplementing their income at your expense, the tech giants are raking in obscene profits, only to eventually turn around and put out the next generation of increasingly abusive data networking technology.

Unfortunately, people still aren’t going to stop using these communications networks any time soon. We have become too reliant upon them and we kind of need them now. What if there was a safe communications network?

Short-Range vs Long-Range Frequencies

When I was a wee grasshopper, there were no cell towers, just radio stations, TV channels and satellite communications. These were harmless because they used long-range frequencies. People of earlier generations of low-frequency telecommunications did not have the overabundance of health issue cases we see today. Although the devastating reduction in food quality is probably a much more significant part of that, the bombardment of 5G, WiFi and other short-range frequencies compounds it. Other articles can be found on the damaging nature of 5G and it’s similarity to microwave ovens. But in this article I want to focus on the solution.

A 5G antenna next to a retired telephone pole.


The People’s Network

iHub.Global is the only network (that I know of) that works in a similar consumer-supported way (consumers can host the network relay devices), but is based on the safer long-range frequency technology, similar to radio waves. As the number of people using this network increase, the amount of people using short-range frequency networks such as 5G can and is likely to decrease (hence less microwave exposure).

Supporting this network isn’t just a voluntary humanitarian action (although that alone would be a worthwhile reason to get involved). Just like you can get paid to host a 5G tower, you can earn income hosting an iHub unit (aka Hotspot, which is a small device with an antenna). The money comes in the form of a crypto-currency known as Helium, which is fully exchangeable and is doing very well in the market right now.

Numbers and graph demonstrating the upward trend of Helium (HNT).
Snapshot taken 13 Aug 2021

With a Hotspot unit on your property and hooked up to your internet connection, you are helping users with their wireless technologies in a way that bypasses 5G, 4G and all the other recent networks that have been plaguing us for the past few decades. The more this community and alternative network grow (and we work to fight high-frequency networks such as 5G), the more we can potentially return to the good old days when our bodies, minds and souls were not subjected to the abuse they are today. Such a movement strikes at the heart of the tech giants and their profits, which in turn will make it harder for them to continue putting out their destructive radiation.

If you would like to support the iHub network and supplement your income with Helium (more valuable than the US Dollar, currently), click the button below and sign up. Whether you are eligible for and interested in hosting a Hotspot or you just want to support this movement (which is going viral) and put a significant burden on the 5G pushers, you will be compensated for the support you provide to this decentralized network.

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I Was Skeptical

I have been a long-time advocate of reducing electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), such as cellular networking systems, especially 5G. When I first heard about iHub.Global, I was turned off by the antenna installation, seeing it as being too similar too installing 5G tower in my yard. I didn’t want to contribute to the bombardment of frequencies, no matter how easy it would be to earn money from it. It wasn’t until I learned that it is as harmless as radio and TV frequencies, which have been around for over a century now. That was when I realized that this is what we need for wireless internet. We can replace the cellular technologies hoisted upon us by the tech oligarchs with the time-tested long-range frequencies that we know are safe. If iHub.Global were using similar frequencies to those of the monopolistic communication networking companies, I wouldn’t have joined them, even though they are competition. But this is truly the way to decentralize from the 5G network.

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